Facebook launches new free mobile app for its popular Groups feature…

Facebook is launching a new free mobile app for its popular Groups feature that let users create and interact with communities on the site, whether they’re based on hobbies, geography or culture.

Facebook Inc has been working to expand its presence on people’s mobile devices by creating and buying apps such as Messenger, Paper, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The apps Facebook created from scratch through its Creative Labs have faced varying levels of success.


Paper, a mobile news reader, hasn’t really caught on. Slingshot was launched as a rival to the ephemeral messaging service Snapchat but it hasn’t been much of one. Facebook declined to provide user figures for Creative Labs apps today.

Messenger, which is not from the company’s Creative Labs division, has fared much better, though it helped that Facebook essentially forced users to download it after it removed the messaging functionality from its main app.

Unlike with Messenger , though, the company says it won’t require to use the stand-alone app if they want to use Facebook Groups. They will be able to access Groups through the Facebook app or for free on the website.

More than 700 million of Facebook’s 1.35 billion members use Groups , according to the company .People use the groups to talk to others who share their religion, to plan holidays, dinners, or to discuss hobbies or health issues, for example.

Shirley Sun, product manager at Facebook, said there are”Hundreds of millions” of groups on Facebook.

The new app lets people manage their existing groups or discover new ones , either based on recommendations or by searching for different topics.

Users can also create a shortcut on their phone’s screen for their favourite group if they want to access it quickly.

fb  Now the real question is Is it finally replacing the Business mailing system ? Is it going to be easier than our daily use smartphone messaging systems ?

Answers of this questions are really tough to answer , atleast for now . Lets wait for this app ..I am really looking forward to it . Are you ??


Most cyber attacks on India show Chinese IP address …Strange fact isn’t it ?

     As we know Cyber attacks have grown nearly five times in the last three years and most of them have been found to be originating from the IP addresses located in China according to Government cyber security department officials.

At Ground Zero Summit , the Director of Cyber Security Operations Alok Vijayant said ,”  Most of the cyber attacks that we have tracked show IP addresses located in China but we are unable to establish if the attacker is from China. We need international cooperation for handling such crimes.”

.Government’s cyber security arm Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) reported 62,189 cyber security incidents in the first five months of the current calendar year.

These attacks have been found to be originating from the cyber space of a number of countries including the US, Europe, Brazil, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria and the UAE ,according to the official report of Cyber Security Department .

The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) Director said that foreign countries are investing heavily in cyber espionage to gather crucial data and India needs to seriously consider a strategy to counter this strategy.

“Indian has a dearth of talent. In most of the cases Indians find cyber security loophole quickly with its solution but people may get tempted with high price paid in under ground market. Payment per exploit is as good as 15,000 euros and higher than that,” Vijayant said.

Cyber security expert Greg Walton showed his research on an attack mounted on Tibetan government in exile which showed its origin in Chengdu city of China.

“The attacker hacked e-mail id of a senior minister of Tibetan government in exile in Dharamshala and through that id they even attacked India’s ministry of external affairs,” Walton said.

India has seen increase in cyber attacks from about 13,000 in 2011 to 62,000 till mid-2014. The country has been unable to identify cyber criminals in majority of the case due to absence of international cooperation on the issue.

It raises lot of question , some of them are strictly political but some of them are technical . My concern is about the technical side . Now think about it ..if China is helping those attacks or supplying them spoof ip or their server ..then its understandable . But What if this is a new style to fail the ip tracing system , what if Hackers are using a new technology ?? ..What if we are about to get attacked by chinese cyber criminals and hackers in 2015 ? What if…. Take a thought pill guys because according to report of Cyber Security department we are about to get attacked in more sophisticated way in 2015 . So wait for my next post about it…and Think and be careful.

“Find My Mobile” system can be used to attack Samsung mobiles and other handsets

Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ system, which allows you to to locate, lock, ring, and wipe your device should it be stolen or lost, can be taken over, potentially allowing a hacker to remotely lock the device, change its passcode, or wipe the device according to Mashable.

The remote hack exploits a flaw in Samsung’s Find My Mobile system to enact denial-of-service attacks. If ‘Find My Mobile’ is enabled, it means that hackers can lock the Samsung handset and change its unlock code.

The government’s own National Vulnerability Database explains that the hack is possible because Samsung devices do not validate the source of lock-code data through the network, making handsets from the South Korean manufacturer more susceptible to this manner of attack. It gives the exploit a severity score of 7.8 (or high).

Slashgear warns Samsung users that, “although not enabled by default, once a user creates a Samsung account, which owners might do to get access to Samsung-exclusive apps and services on their device, it becomes enabled.”

While options for a hacker are limited because of the remote nature of the hack, it might still be possible to hold a phone owner to ransom via a personalized message that Find My Mobile allows you to post to the lock screen. “There’s precedent for such attacks,” The Register explains, “last May an attacker using the handle ‘Oleg Pliss’ locked scores of antipodean iPhones and demanded $50 to unlock the devices.”

A Samsung spokesman told Mashable that “Samsung takes the security of our products very seriously and we are currently investigating the matter.”