The New RBI spam…Interesting but Believable


Today just now I checked my email and saw this one. My first thought was I m gonna be rich and then I noticed the fonts used and I realized that I don’t have an account in Central Bank and Why the hell Reserve Bank of India will be so generous ?

Unfortunately , there was some spelling mistakes which made me think that RBI would have never done that .I am quite sure whoever made this spam will receive a lot of money within a short period of time as most of the people will not think it as spam as it looks pretty god damn real. But I am posting it to let people know this spam is QUITE NEW AND BELIEVABLE. SO WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL.
And also my suggestions to the guys made these spam that be careful while typing and making such documents , a very little mistake can every hard work to make easy money go in vain . So little hackers and wanna be phishers BE AWARE 😉 . Also people should be aware of the fact that in the image whatever details they are asking you to submit, if any site asks you to do so can have all your details and that can be used to rip you off. So before registering in unknown sites or before opening such kind of mails BE CAREFUL. AND I , MYSELF DIDN’T FIND IT IN MY SPAM FOLDER. so most of you may think that it is not a spam as it passed the spam filter of Google / Gmail. But they were smart enough to make fool of Gmail’s spam type checker which generally eliminate these kind of mails and put them in our spam folder. So most of You very soon will receive either the exact same mail in exact same format or same mail in different format. In both cases, YOU NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO. And though I am not yet sure that it has virus content in this word doc but beware of that too, it also can contain different kind of malware.

But I gotta say using Raghuram Rajan’s name and after that the format of the document , it was quite out of the box thinking and looked pretty impressive to me .It almost made me write this post in a busy evening which believe or not is a very hard job to do than hacking an email . I generally don’t say this, But crimes should be smart and common people should be aware of those , that gives both parties a fair chance . And my post is for the naive and new users like most of our parents and also like my girlfriend who thought of  it as a great opportunity after knowing a hell lot about phishing . BEST OF LUCK …ENJOY AND HAVE A GOOD EVENING .AND BE READY FOR NEW TYPES OF THESE MAILS. I WILL KEEP YOU GUYS POSTED ABOUT THIS AND RELATED THINGS TOO. (if I find those interesting enough). Meanwhile check this document also 1x .


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